The operating system for the direct-contract medical services market

Episode of Care Management for Providers, Plan Administrators & Participants

Dedicated Mobile Applications

The Coral App, is a white label super application, that does everything from HIPAA compliant secure communications and prescription management, to location based notifications and procedure reminders

Plan Administrator and Provider Web Application

The Coral Web application, is specific to Providers and Plan Administrators. it streamlines each part of an episode of care into structured steps that enable your business to scale

The Coral platform is a constant link between Patients, Providers and Plan Administrators, that allows everyone to focus on what matters most: quality of care.

Key Features

Location Based Procedure Updates

Geo-fencing based automatic updates, via the mobile application, keep the Plan Administrator and Provider up to date with the participants status.

Instant Payment Transfer

We support instant ACH payment transfer, so providers can get paid immediately after a procedure is completed.

One-Click Voucher Creation

Easily issued, and extremely flexible, the one-click invoice, streamlines the invoicing process, and enables advanced reporting and customized exporting for claims processing, or revenue projections.

One-Click Invoicing

Any exceptions in the process are easily added as line items to invoices. This enables quick review processes by both parties, so providers can get paid faster.

Always Current

The Coral Platform automatically syncs with all formatted available data, to present you with the most up to date patient participant information.

Intake to Invoice

The Coral operating system provides essential functionality for Providers, Plan Administrators and Participants. It adds features not seen before on one platform including: One Click Vouchers, automatic pre-certification, automatic data synchronization, One-Click Invoices, easy account role delegation, charge master separation and more.

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